illumy is a great app that lets you do email, messaging, voice and video calls, screen-sharing, group chats, file storage, and more for free! And you don’t have to see any ads. But did you know that you can get some extra features with illumy if you upgrade?


If you want your own phone number that you can use to call any landline or mobile number, you can upgrade to an i2 plan. It’s easy and cheap. With the upgrade to i2, you’ll also get more file storage space and some other benefits (and more are coming soon!). When you upgrade, you’ll get the new features right away, and you’ll pay the new price on your next billing date.


#### upgrade on a web browser


1. Go to []( on a browser that works with illumy, and log in.

2. At the top left, you’ll see your profile picture or a box with your initials. Click it.

3. You’ll see a menu with some options:


- To see what each plan offers, click the Upgrade link, and a new window will show you a table of features.

- Or just click “My Plan i1.”


5. In the middle panel, you’ll see your current plan, your calling credits (if any), and your credit card (if you’ve given us one).

6. Under “Subscription Plan,” click the purple Upgrade button.

7. In the pop-up, click “Upgrade” under the plan you want.

8. In the next window, you’ll be asked to pick your illumy phone number. This is a real phone number that you can use to make and get calls.


- Type your area code in the top left (or the area code where you want a phone number), and then type your preferred prefix (optional).

- On the right, pick your state and then pick your city.


10. In the results box, pick a phone number, and then click “Next.”

11. In the new window, enter your billing information on the left and pick the options on the right.


- You can add $5 of calling credit to your account to make calls outside of where you can call for free. If you don’t want that, uncheck the box next to that option.


13. When you’re done, click the purple Purchase button at the bottom of the window.


#### upgrade on a mobile app


You’ll be able to upgrade your plan on our Android and iPhone mobile apps soon.


Pro tip: Set your device to update your illumy app automatically to get the newest features on your phone.



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