So, you tried out a paid plan and realize it’s not for you. Perhaps you needed it only for a specific time. No worries. illumy is not about trapping you in a plan you don’t want. We’re not cable TV 📺, after all.

It’s simple to downgrade to a free or other paid plan that fits your needs. A plan downgrade takes effect on your next billing date, and you will be charged the new price (or revert to free) on your next billing date.

in a browser

  1. Head to using a supported browser, and log in.
  2. In the upper left, you’ll see your profile pic/avatar or the box with your initials in it that’s a placeholder for your gorgeous mug. 😃 Click it.
  3. Select “My Plan i2.” (If you’re on a different plan, your plan name will appear instead of “i2.”)
  4. In the middle panel, you will see Billing & Plan information.
  5. Click “Overview” at the top of the middle panel.
  6. Under “Subscription,” you will see your plan and a purple Change Plan button. Click that.
  7. In the new window, click the Downgrade button underneath the paid or free plan you want to downgrade to.
  8. In the confirmation window, be sure to review the things that will change when you downgrade.
  9. To confirm the change, click the purple Confirm button on the right.
  10. If you change your mind, click “Cancel.”

in a mobile app

This feature is coming very soon to the Android and iPhone mobile apps.

Pro tip: Set your device to automatically update your illumy app to get the latest features on your smartphone.



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