Maybe you tried a paid plan and decided it’s not for you. Or maybe you only needed it for a while. That’s OK. illumy doesn’t want to keep you in a plan you don’t want. We’re not like cable TV 📺.


You can switch to a free or another paid plan that suits you better. When you switch, you’ll get the new plan on your next billing date, and you’ll pay the new price (or nothing) on your next billing date.


#### switch illumy plans with a web browser


1. Go to []( on a browser that works with illumy, and log in.

2. At the top left, you’ll see your profile picture or a box with your initials. Click it.

3. Click “My Plan i2.” (If you’re on a different plan, you’ll see your plan name instead of “i2.”)

4. In the middle panel, you’ll see Billing & Plan information.

5. Click “Overview” at the top of the middle panel.

6. Under “Subscription,” you’ll see your plan and a purple Change Plan button. Click that.

7. In the new window, click the Downgrade button under the paid or free plan you want to switch to.

8. In the confirmation window, make sure you read what will change when you switch.

9. To confirm the switch, click the purple Confirm button on the right.

10. If you change your mind, click “Cancel.”


#### switch plans with a mobile app


You’ll be able to switch your plan on our Android and iPhone mobile apps soon.


Pro tip: Set your device to update your illumy app automatically to get the newest features on your phone.



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