When you want to get someone’s attention in a message, you can use the at (@) symbol to mention them. @mentioning someone makes the message red for them, so they won’t miss it.


@mentions are used to bring attention to a specific person or group within a message or conversation and can be helpful in directing communication, assigning tasks, or asking for input from specific individuals. It's important to use @ mentions thoughtfully and respectfully, to avoid overuse or misuse which can lead to distraction, confusion, or even annoyance.


Why use @mention?

In a work collaboration tool like illumy, you can use @mention to send a message to a specific person, group, or team.

- “@John, can you please check this document and tell me what you think?”

- “@JaneSmith thank you for sharing your ideas on this topic! How do you feel about X?"

- "@Jamie, can you please review this document and provide your feedback?"

- “@Sarah, I wanted to make sure you saw my last email and if you have any news on the project.”

- “@MarketingTeam, I think this idea would be great for our next campaign. What do you think?”


How do you @mention an illumy member in a message?

This feature is useful when you want to send a message to one person.

1. In the message, type @ and the person’s first name.

2. Don’t leave a space after the @ symbol - @Jamie.

3. A list will pop up with names of people in the message that start with the letters you typed. If you type "@Ja", anyone in that message whose first name begins with Ja will show up in the list. You can keep typing the name or pick the name of the person you want to mention from the list.


How to @mention everyone

Sometimes, you have an important or urgent message that everyone in a group message needs to see. If so, we have got you covered!

1. If you want to mention everyone in a group message, type "@everyone"

2. Then, type the message and send it.

3. Please note that the "@everyone" mention only works in group messages, not one-on-one messages.


The unread messages badge

1. When you @ mention someone, or they @ mention you, in a one-on-one message, the unread message badge turns red for the person who was @ mentioned.

2. If someone is @ mentioned in a group message, everyone in the group will see a **teal** unread message badge except for the person tagged. They will see a **red** badge.

3. If everyone in a group message is tagged, the badge will be **red** for everyone in the group.

4. A **red** unread messages badge means you (or everyone) have been @ mentioned. The number inside the badge does not show how many times you have been mentioned. The number shows how many messages you haven’t read and tells you that at least one of them mentions you or everyone.


@mention things to note

- @mentions are not global. You can only tag people in the message and not anyone on illumy.
- You can also mention yourself.
- Type @ then your name (no space after @)
- Type "@me" and press Enter/Return
- When you click a mention (except for "@everyone"), a small contact card pops up for that person.

The contact card lets you message, voice call, or go to that person’s Smart Contact.




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