Emoji are fun and colorful symbols that you can use in your messages to express yourself. You can use emoji shortcuts to type emoji faster and easier. Emoji shortcuts are words that start and end with a colon, like this: :word:


To use emoji shortcuts in messages, follow these steps:


1. Type a colon and the name of the emoji you want. For example, if you want a smiley face emoji, type :smile

2. You will see a list of emoji that match your word. For example, if you type :smile, you will see 🙂 😄 😊 😃 and more.


3. Click or tap on the emoji you want to use. It will replace the word and the colons. For example, if you click on 🙂, it will replace :smile: in your message.


You can use emoji shortcuts for many different emoji. Here are some examples:


- To use a thumbs up emoji, type :thumbsup: and click or tap on 👍

- To use a heart emoji, type :heart: and click or tap on ❤️

- To use a pizza emoji, type :pizza: and click or tap on 🍕

- To use a sunglasses emoji, type :sunglasses: and click or tap on 😎


You can find more emoji shortcuts by clicking or tapping on the smiley face icon at the bottom of your message box. This will open the emoji picker, where you can see all the emoji and their names. You can also search for an emoji by typing a word in the search box.


Emoji shortcuts are a fun and easy way to spice up your messages with some color and emotion. Try them out and see how they make your communication more lively and expressive.



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