illumy enables email, messaging, calling, and file sharing with others. To use illumy, you need to create an account on their website or app. You can choose your own username, which is how people will find you on illumy.


Sometimes, you might start to sign up for illumy, but not finish the process. For example, you might close the website or app before you’re done, or lose your internet connection. If this happens, don’t worry - you can still sign up for illumy later.


However, there is one thing you need to know. When you start to sign up for illumy, the username you choose is reserved for you for 30 minutes. This means no one else can use that username during that time. But after 30 minutes, the username is released and becomes available again. This means someone else might take it before you do.


So, if you want to keep the username you chose, make sure you finish signing up for illumy within 30 minutes of starting. If you don’t, you might have to choose a different username when you try again. Or, you can wait until the username is available again, but only if no one else has taken it in the meantime.



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