Welcome to this illumy article, your go-to resource for understanding and troubleshooting our cutting-edge web-based SaaS application. Designed for non-technical individuals like you, illumy revolutionizes communication by integrating email, messaging, VoIP calling, and large file storage and sharing into a seamless platform. Let's explore how you can get the most out of illumy!


#### Signing Up Made Simple


Getting started with illumy is a breeze. Just visit https://illumy.com using a supported web browser and click the "Sign Up Free" link. Choose a unique username and create a secure password. Remember, early adopters secure the coolest illumy email addresses, so act fast! Confirm your password, complete the "I am not a robot" verification, and click the Sign Up Free button. Finally, provide your name and mobile number, and enter the six-digit verification code sent to your mobile device. Don't forget to bookmark illumy in your browser for easy access.


#### Access illumy on Your Mobile Device


Take the power of illumy wherever you go by downloading our mobile app. For Apple/iOS users, find illumy on the App Store, while Android users can locate it on Google Play. Once installed, simply use your web browser login credentials to access the app. With the mobile app, you can enjoy the convenience of Persistent Communications, combining voice, video, chat, and email within a single platform.


#### Build Your Communication Network


To unlock the full potential of illumy, invite your friends and family to join you on the platform. While illumy works seamlessly with existing email addresses, bringing your loved ones onboard enhances intuitive and ongoing conversations. Easily create group threads for planning weekend activities, share videos and photos, and locate past messages in seconds. Click the envelope icon with a plus sign in the upper right corner to send invitations. Enter email addresses, personalize your message if desired, and hit "Send." Once your contacts sign up and accept your invitation, their names will appear in the left panel, fostering a sense of connection within illumy.


#### Start Conversations Effortlessly


Messaging is at the core of illumy, allowing you to interact with people effortlessly. By default, you'll start in the Messaging view upon logging in. Locate the person's name you want to message in the left panel, click it, and begin typing your message in the conversation window. Whether they're online or offline, you can still send messages and rest assured they'll receive them upon signing back in.


#### Seamlessly Send Emails and Group Messages


Sending emails through illumy is a breeze. Click the Compose Message button beneath your name and email address at the top of the left panel. Fill in the recipient's email address(es) in the "To" field, add a subject if desired, and start typing your message. For illumy members, their email addresses will auto-populate as you type their names. For non-illumy recipients, manually enter their email addresses. Creating a group thread follows a similar process. Enter multiple recipients in the "To" field, and the Subject line will transform into the "Group Name." External email addresses can participate in the thread, allowing for seamless collaboration between illumy users and external contacts.


#### Make Crystal-Clear Voice and Video Calls


Connecting with others through voice and video calls is a breeze with illumy. In the left panel, locate the person you want to call and check for a green dot or solid green star, indicating their online availability. Click their name, and in the upper right of the middle panel, select the video or phone icon to initiate the call. A confirmation window with your friend's profile picture will appear. Click the Call button in the lower right to start the call or click Cancel on the left if you change your mind.


Now that you have the essential knowledge, feel free to explore illumy further. Remember, the goal is to have fun while enjoying the simplified communication experience illumy brings to your digital world.



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