To access the illumy support website, open a browser.

  • For the best experience, ensure an active internet connection and an up-to-date Chrome browser.

In the address space, type and press enter.

On the Support screen, just below where the website says: “How can we help?”

  • If you know what you need, type your search string in the middle of the screen.

Otherwise, select one of the three support categories to dive deeper.


The Launch button helps you learn illumy basics and gets you started with the application.

To become more familiar with illumy and learn more about how illumy works, click on the “Learn” button. 

Finally, to troubleshoot illumy, click on the “Troubleshoot” button.


Now that you have accessed the illumy Support website, you can unlock a realm of resources to enrich your understanding of illumy's features and address any concerns that arise during your illumy journey. Delve into various sections, and articles to find answers to your questions or troubleshoot any platform issues. Happy learning and exploring!



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