To add or change your illumy avatar, click on the square in the upper left corner of the illumy interface. 

From the dropdown, select “My Profile”.

If you have not chosen an avatar yet, the first initial of your name will appear as your avatar.

Mouse over your avatar and click the pencil icon in the top right corner. 


Select the Pencil 

When you click on the avatar’s pencil icon, across the bottom of the avatar image, you will see the following:


(Make your browser window bigger if you do not see these options.)


- A slider to change the size of your avatar,

- An “Upload Image” button to add an avatar image from your local computer,

- A “Remove” button to remove the current image, 

- A Cancel button to abandon your changes, and 

- A Save button to keep your changes. 


Clicking the “Upload Image” button will open your computer’s file system. 


(For example, Microsoft Windows will open Windows Explorer and Apple Mac will open Finder.)


From your local device, whether a computer or cell phone, choose an existing image to be your avatar. 


Select the Avatar
If you double-click on the avatar and not the pencil icon, you can do the following:

- Change the size of the avatar
- Rotate the avatar, Or
- Download the avatar


Your illumy avatar has the following requirements

- Size: The avatar image should be square, with a minimum size of 128x128 pixels. Larger images are also acceptable. They will be automatically resized to fit within the illumy interface.

- File Type: The supported file types for avatar images are GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP.

By following these requirements, you can be sure your avatar image will display properly within the illumy application.




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