Within illumy contacts, select who should receive the file. 


One way to add media or a file as an attachment is to click on the paper clip just below the message field.


Another way to add a file or media is to drag the selected file from your computer into your current illumy message. 


Press the send key that looks like a white paper airplane on a square blue background. 


You can then see the files on the right side of the illumy app. 


To see files, select the “three file folders” symbol on the top right, and a list will appear. 


To see media, select the “two landscape sunrise” symbol on the top right and a list of media files will pop out.


If the media file is an image, click once on the media file to zoom in on that file. 


If the media file is audio, click once on the file to hear the audio play.





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