Did you know that more than half of human communication is nonverbal—you know, all those expressions, gestures, and body language we use when having a conversation? 

Emojis are the perfect way to communicate nonverbally in your emails and chats. And illumy makes it dead simple to enrich your conversations with emojis.

shortcuts for the 10 most popular emojis

illumy's hundreds of emojis add flavor and feeling to your conversations. Here are the 10 most commonly used ones and their respective shortcuts.


Shortcuts on illumy

Emoticon Equivalent
























8) or 8-)



:* or :-*





quick access to all emojis

There are a few ways to quickly access the emoji that’s just right for your mood and conversation.

  1. Click the blue smiley face icon near the Send (paper plane) button to bring up the emoji selector, then use the search field or scroll to find the perfect one.
    1. <insert graphic of the emoji icon and popup emoji window for a visual example>
  2. Use emoji short codes (like the ones listed above) to instantly bring up the emoji selector. Emoji short codes start and end with a colon, and they don’t have spaces. To find an emoji using short codes, type a colon and the first two letters of the emoji name, and a popup will display. For example, if you type, ":sm," the emoji menu pops up and displays all the emojis whose names start with "sm."
    1. <insert graphic sample of the emoji short code popup menu for a visual example>
  3. In many cases, you can type the old emoticon equivalent -- such as ":-)" for a smiley face -- and illumy will automatically convert it from an emoticon to an emoji.

It’s really that easy. Go crazy with emojis, and make your messages more expressive, emotional, and meaningful!




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