When you want to get someone’s attention in a message, you can use the at (@) symbol to mention them. Mentioning someone makes the message red for them, so they won’t miss it.


Here’s how you can use the @mention feature in illumy.


#### how to at mention someone


This feature is useful when you want to send a message to one specific person.


1. In the message, type “@” and the person’s name you want to mention (don’t leave a space after “@”).

2. A list will pop up with names of people in the message that start with the letters you typed. For example, if you type “@Ja,” anyone in that message whose first name begins with those letters will show up in the list. You can keep typing the name or pick the name of the person you want to mention from the list.


#### how to at mention everyone


Sometimes, you have an important or urgent message that everyone in a group message needs to see. If that’s what you need, we’ve got you covered!


1. If you want to mention everyone in the group message, type “@everyone.”

2. Then, type the message and send it.

3. Note that the “@everyone” mention only works in group messages, not one-on-one messages.


#### unread at messages badge


1. When you mention someone or they mention you in a one-on-one message, the unread message badge turns red for the person who’s mentioned.

2. If someone is mentioned in a group message, everyone in the group will see a **teal** unread message badge except for the person who’s tagged. They’ll see a **red** badge.

3. If everyone is tagged in a group message, the badge will be **red** for everyone in the group.

4. A **red** unread messages badge means you (or everyone) have been mentioned. The number inside does not show how many times you have been mentioned. It only shows how many messages you haven’t read and tells you that at least one of them mentions you or everyone.


#### at mention things to note


- This feature is coming soon to the mobile apps.

- Mentions are not global, which means you can only tag people in the message and not anyone on illumy.

- You can also mention yourself, by typing “@” and your name (no spaces) or by typing “@me” and then pressing Enter/Return.

- When you click a mention (except for @everyone), it takes you to that person’s contact information.





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