Your illumy profile image, or Avatar, is how you show yourself on illumy. It can be anything you like: photos and moving pictures (GIFs) are both OK. But, choose carefully – your profile image can be seen by everyone on illumy. 👁


To upload or change your profile image, make sure you’re logged in to illumy. Click or tap your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen. From the menu, click or tap My Profile. Next…


#### avatar on the mobile app


1. When you’re in the My Profile window, tap the blue Update Profile Photo button. You can use PNG, JPG, and GIF files (including moving pictures).


2. In the menu, pick “From Gallery” to choose from the pictures on your phone.


3. Pick the picture you want to upload, move it as you like inside the frame.


4. Tap “Choose” in the bottom right, or “Cancel” to go back.


5. Or pick “From Camera,” and tap “Allow” to let illumy use your camera.


6. Then, take a nice selfie with your phone’s camera. Looking good!


7. Pick “Retake” or “Use Photo” at the bottom.


#### avatar in a web browser


1. When you’re in the My Profile window, move your mouse over your profile picture under the words “My Profile.” A pencil icon will show up – click it.


2. You’ll see a new window pop up with your current profile picture. To change your picture, click the Upload Photo button. You can use PNG, JPG, and GIF files (including moving pictures).


3. A box opens to let you upload a picture from your computer.


4. Find and pick the picture you want to upload. After it’s uploaded, you can click and drag to move it inside the frame. You can also use the zoom slider to make it bigger or smaller.


5. To pick a different picture, click Upload Photo again. Clicking Remove will delete your picture and change it to the default profile picture (a square with your first letter).


6. Click Save to set your profile picture, or click Cancel to go back.


Your illumy profile image lets you show everyone who you are – but remember, everyone on illumy (even people you don’t know) can see it. So, smile! 😀




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