Welcome to illumy, the best way to communicate with email, chat, and voice calls. Let’s see what you can do with illumy and how to find everything you need.


#### left side menu options


On the left side of your screen, you will see your profile picture, three icons (Messaging, Contacts and Friends), and a big ‘Create a New’ button. These are the main tools you will use on illumy, so let’s check them out.


#### your profile picture


This is how you and others see you on illumy. If you haven’t changed it yet, it’s a colored square with your first letter. Click on it to go to different places on illumy. You will see your name and illumy email address, and below that you will see Messages, Contacts, My Profile, Friends, Settings, My Plan and Sign Out.


If you want to change your profile picture to something else, click on My Profile, then move your mouse over your picture. You will see a pencil icon. Click it to upload a new picture.


#### the big three icons


Below the illumy logo and your profile picture are three icons: Messaging (envelope), Contacts (book), and Friends (people).


- Messaging is where you can see all your conversations with other people or groups. You can send and receive emails and chats here.

- Contacts is where you can see all the people you have added to illumy. You can view their information, send them messages, or call them.

- Friends is where you can see all the people who have joined illumy through your invitation. You can also invite more people to join illumy here.


#### create a new 


This button below the three icons is where you can start new conversations (with email or chat), make private groups, or add new contacts.


#### middle window


This is where the action happens on illumy. Depending on what you choose from the left side menu, this window will show different things.


- In Messaging, this window shows the messages you are exchanging with the person or group you select from the left side list.

- In Contacts, this window shows the information of the person you select from the left side list. You can also see the Send Message and Voice Call buttons at the top right corner of their card.

- In Settings, this window shows the options you can change for the setting you select from the left side list.


#### right side panel options


If you are in Messaging, you will see some icons on the top right corner of your screen: Phone, Files, Media, Flags, and Help. This is the panel that lets you do more things with your conversations.


- Phone lets you make free calls to other illumy users.

- Files lets you see and pin all the files that are shared in that conversation.

- Media lets you see all the photos and videos that are shared in that conversation.

- Flags lets you see all the messages that you have marked for follow-up.

- Help connects you to the illumy support center for help and support from our team.



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