You’ve signed up and logged in. Now, let’s take a tour of all the features and fun stuff that make illumy the greatest thing since sliced bacon.

left side navigation

When you log in, look to the left-hand panel. You will see your avatar, three main icons (Messaging, Contacts and Friends). Below that you will see a big ‘Create a New’ button. These items are key to your illumy experience, so let’s explore them one by one.

your avatar

If you're just getting started on illumy, your avatar is a colored square with your first initial. Click on it to navigate anywhere within illumy. Under your name and illumy email address are Messages, Contacts, My Profile, Friends, Settings, My Plan and Sign Out. 

By the way -- if you want to make your avatar something a little more personal, click on My Profile, then hover over your avatar image within your profile. You'll see a pencil icon appear. Click it to upload a new image.

three main icons

Under the illumy logo and your avatar are three quick links: Messaging (envelope icon), Contacts (contact book icon), and Friends (people icon).

create a new

This icon located below the three main icons is where you can initiate messages (via email or illumy on-net chat), create private message groups, and add new contacts.

main (middle) application window

This is the main area of activity in illumy. In the Messaging view, this panel contains the ongoing conversation you’re having with the person or group whose name is selected in the left panel. 

In Contacts view, this panel displays the contact information for the person selected in the left panel. You’ll also see the Send Message and Voice Call buttons at the top right of their contact card.

In Settings view, the center panel is where you can make changes to the setting that you select from the left panel

widget panel

If you have a conversation open in Messaging view, you'll see several icons on the upper right side of the illumy app window: Phone, Files, Media, Flags, and Help. This is the widget panel.

Phone - Allows you to make on-net calls to other illumy users.

Files - Allows you to see all of the files shared within that conversation, as well as pin files for easy reference and sharing.

Media - Allows you to see all of the photos and videos shared within that conversation.

Flags - Allows you to quickly access individual messages  that you have flagged for follow-up.

Help - Connects you to the illumy support center for self help and support from illumites.



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