Contacts A.I. is a cool feature in illumy that helps you find people you might like to talk to. It’s not complicated or scary, it’s just smart and friendly.


#### how does Contacts AI work?


The Contacts A.I. in illumy looks at your profile info and compares it with other people on illumy. It does this privately and safely, so no one else can see your info. It looks at things like:


- how close you are to another person on illumy

- who you have in common with someone

- what you like, do, enjoy, and other things that you share in My Profile


Using these clues, some rules, and a bit of A.I., it makes a list of possible and private suggestions for you—a list of awesome illumy members you might want to connect with. And the more you accept or ignore the suggestions, the more it learns, and the better its suggestions will be. Contacts A.I. is always updating based on new info it gets from users, and it’s always getting better as part of the illumy experience.


How cool is that: machines that help humans make real connections. Awesome!




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