Persistent messaging is everything. It is the best way to communicate. It’s what illumy is making for the world. In short, persistent messaging is communication the way it should be.

Take email, for example. It’s tried and true (and frankly, a little boring). You send an email to a friend. Maybe they get it. Maybe it goes into their spam folder. Maybe it takes days for them to respond because they’re the type of person with 2,000 unread emails. (Do those people ever get to zero?) If and when they reply, it’s not really a conversation, it’s two different sides of an asymmetric interaction.

Now add a text message to the mix. You saw a funny meme, and you texted it to that same friend you emailed earlier. If they’re like most people, they’ll never acknowledge the text in their email reply, because that’s just weird. They’ll just react to your text via text and your email via email. It’s a sea of messaging “islands.”

Everything is disjointed, and you have to rummage through multiple apps to find all your communications with just one person. How crazy is that?

persistent messaging changes the game

Persistent messaging allows you to forge stronger relationships by enriching your communications with people. No longer is it sufficient to have one-sided, date-sorted emails in an inbox overflowing with noise.

With illumy, every text, email, emoji, GIF, file—and even voice and video calling—is in one thread. All of your interactions become a single stream of consciousness, the way they would be during an in-person conversation.

Now, you don’t have to scroll endlessly through your text messages or scour multiple apps to find the photo you sent. You don’t need to look through your call log to see the last time you actually talked to your bestie. Persistent messaging is basically a “call log” of everything that happens between you and the people you care about.

And because it syncs in the cloud, you can log in from your smartphone or a computer anywhere in the world, and the context of all your conversations is always there. With persistent messaging, you never miss a message—or a meaning—from the people who remind you why life is so grand.

So leave those messy messages behind, and join the communication revolution!




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