If you want to use your illumy email address as your main one, you’re making a smart choice. 🍪


illumy email is better than regular email. It’s secure, fast, spam-free, ad-free, and works with any email address.


Plus, using illumy as your main email gives you more benefits than your old email.


#### email that does more


illumy is the best email you can get today. On our servers – before your message goes on the internet – illumy email is encrypted. And it’s private: We don’t sell or share your data. And, if that’s not enough, your images and videos stay high-quality. It’s pretty great.


But one of the best things about illumy email is that it works with all 5 billion email addresses in the world. When you send an email from your illumy address, it looks normal to the person who gets it. And when they reply, it shows up in your illumy chat like all your other illumy messages.


#### sign up for illumy 


When you sign up for illumy at https://app.illumy.com. Your username is your illumy email address. If you sign up early, you can get the best and shortest emails. Imagine having **yourfirstname@illumy.com** before anyone else.


####  send an email on a web browser


Click the “Create a new” button at the top of the left panel and pick Message. In the pop-up window, type the email address (or addresses) of the person (or people) you want to email in the To box and a subject in the box below (optional). Click in the message box, and start typing. And remember: You can use emojis, add files, or put giphys to make it more fun, and they’ll see it all – even if they use plain old email.


#### send an email on the mobile app


Tap the envelope icon at the bottom left to go to Messaging. Then, tap the plus sign at the top right of the window. Type the email address(es) and a subject (optional), and start typing your message. You know what to do.😉


#### Invite others to illumy


While illumy works well for emailing non-illumy addresses, it’s even better when your contacts are also on illumy.


Messages between illumy users are fully end-to-end encrypted. 🔒 And you get more cool features – like seeing when they’re online, sharing files fast, and calling them for free.


To invite people to join you on illumy, you can send them an illumy email. Just click the “Create a new” button in the left panel, type their email address(es), and write your subject and message. Tell them to go to [https://illumy.com](https://illumy.com/) so they can enjoy illumy too. Easy as pie! 🍰



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