illumy lets you email, message, and call others in one app. You can use illumy on your web browser, phone, or tablet. illumy is fast, secure, and has great call quality. With illumy, you can see all your communications in one thread, and access them from anywhere.

illumy also makes your communications more fun. You can use emojis or giphys to express yourself. You can share pictures and videos. You can send large files. Or you can create your own profile and choose who can see it.

One way to control your illumy data is through your profile. You can also delete any conversation completely. Your information will never be used to show you ads. And illumy’s apps have no ads at all.

illumy’s i1 plan, with email, message, and voice calls, is free to download and use. And soon, you can pay a small fee to get more features, like your own phone number, local and international calling, and more storage.

Does this sound like a better way to communicate? We think so. We call it Hyper-Communications, and we hope you like it. Welcome to illumy.

#### what is hyper-communications?

Hyper-Communications describes the way illumy lets you communicate with others. It means that you can see all your communications in one thread, whether they are emails, messages, calls, or files. It also means that you can switch between different modes of communication seamlessly, such as from email to voice call, or from message to video call. Hyper-Communications helps you keep track of everything and communicate more easily and effectively.



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